Smoked Meats onsite

Every location still smokes all of their meats in the restaurant—the same way it was done in 1941, without any shortcuts. Our mission is to provide our customers (friends) with casual and fun experience with exceptional customer service and great tasting food. We look forward to serving you at Dickey's Barbecue Pit.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Barbecue for FATHER's DAY!

Does Dad really want a gift for Father’s Day, or can you safely ignore it?  Is your Dad the kind of guy who loves the outdoors? Hiking, biking? Sports? Gardening?  A fix it man?

We’re pretty well sure that, even if your Dad doesn’t make a big deal out of the holiday, your Dad will certainly appreciate dinner at Dickey's eating finger lick'in tender fall of the bone ribs! Even if he can't come on Father's day for dinner you can still get him a gift certificate for another day out.
In the end, it’s the gesture that really counts.
We want to wish ALL the FATHER's a HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

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